Mimic wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles arise first and are the result of movements performed by our muscles. They make our face see emotions. The skin wrinkles when we are surprised, scared, sad or happy. The first mimic wrinkles can appear on our face already around 25 years of age.

Today I will tell you about how mimic wrinkles arise and how we can deal with them with the help of aesthetic medicine.

For a moment or forever?

Initially, mimic wrinkles appear and disappear, they are noticeable only when all kinds of emotions are painted on our face. When we smile, the corners of our lips wrinkle, wrinkles appear around the eyes, while surprise is accompanied by transverse lines visible on our forehead, in turn anger draws wrinkles between our eyebrows. Over time, when collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decrease in our skin, it loses elasticity, and mimic wrinkles become permanent, become deeper and more visible over the years.

The aging process and the picture of our experiences

Mimic wrinkles are the result of grimaces that appear on our face, and when they become visible in the aging process, they often become an illustration of our life. When underlying their formation are positive experiences, our face despite the passage of time may look cheerful and even deeper wrinkles appearing on it do not take away its beauty. It is different when they are a reminder of heavy traumatic experiences and their presence means that even when entering a completely new, better chapter of our lives we still look depressed.

Mimic wrinkles arise and than

The formation of mimic wrinkles is inevitable, we will not stop showing emotions. We can only delay their appearance by careful skin care. Caring for its proper hydration and proper nutrition, avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, reducing stress and trying to provide our skin with favorable conditions for regeneration, i.e. the right portion of rest and the right amount of sleep. Facial massages and exercise of her muscles also bring very good results. Also, try to ensure a proper diet and introduce physical activity to your daily duties. Thanks to this, your skin will remain firm and young longer.

The Microneedling will smooth out wrinkles

At REVIVE CLINIC, patients who want to restore youth and glow of their skin, get rid of small wrinkles and imperfections, I propose an extremely modern and precise SkinPen Micronnedling treatment. During the procedure, a thin layer of skin is removed with the help of a microneedling, which allows you to get rid of damaged cells, while activating the healing process. As a result, new healthy cells are created and the skin structure changes, it regains its firmness and uniform color. The intensity of the treatment and its type are always individually tailored to the needs of the patient's skin and the effects we want to achieve.

SkinPen Microneedling help reduce the effects of time on our skin, they are also a very good solution for people who want to get rid of facial wrinkles in "difficult" places, i.e. around the lips and eyes. All this thanks to advanced technology and experience of specialists at REVIVE CLINIC.

The effects of the treatment are visible already after 3-4 days of their implementation, so much more time is needed for the skin to heal. In the case of deep surgery, the healing process is prolonged and can last up to several days. What's more, during this procedure the production of new collagen is also stimulated, which is why the patient's skin can work for another 4-6 months. During this time, skin appearance, firmness and tension improve. The frequency and number of treatments are always matched to the needs of the patient and it is decided by the specialist who creates an individual therapy plan. Good effects are also achieved with the use of a microneedling with PRP, which by creating microscopic holes on a selected part of the skin, mobilizes the surrounding healthy tissues to produce new collagen, which makes the skin look healthy, wrinkles smoothen, the color becomes uniform and a healthy glow returns . You must remember that after these treatments, the skin is very sensitive to UV rays, so it is very important to avoid direct skin exposure to the sun and to apply appropriate protection. The first effects of the treatment will be visible after a few days, but the final results have to wait 4-6 months, during which the collagen will be rebuilt.

Light on mimic wrinkles

The lifting effect without the use of a scalpel and a clear improvement in the appearance of the skin can also be obtained by opting for a Forever Ypung BBL - broadband light treatment. Thanks to the infrared energy reaching the deep layers of the skin, collagen is heated, which begins to shrink. Skin healing processes are also activated and as a result new collagen is produced. The skin becomes firm, tense and clearly rejuvenated. However, you need to be patient, because to obtain the desired results it is necessary to perform several treatments usually from 4 to 6, and the first results appear after about 4-6 months. After this time, collagen will strengthen and rebuild enough. After the treatment with the use of light energy, as in the case of SkinPen Microneedling, it is necessary to carefully protect the skin against UV radiation.

Mezo-Botox will remove mimic wrinkles.

If you want to reduce wrinkles caused by muscle movement and at the same time avoid the frozen effect of the face, which is popular during inefficient use, I encourage you to use my proprietary method. It is the latest method of facial rejuvenation using the benefits of mesotherapy and the action of botulinum toxin, which is a popular botox. During the procedure, patients are given small doses of botulinum toxin in combination with hyaluronic acid or a specially composed cocktail containing appropriate doses of vitamins, microelements and amino acids through very shallow microinjections. The treatment allows not only to get rid of fine mimic wrinkles, but also properly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improving its firmness and giving a healthy look. The skin after the surgery does not require any special recovery, and the effects are visible about a week after its implementation.

Mimic wrinkles can add charm, and if the skin is properly nurtured, the aging process is much milder than that of neglected skin. However, if for some reason it is difficult for you to reconcile with the passing of time or home methods do not bring the expected results, I invite you to my REVIVE CLINIC, where a team of qualified specialists will take care of you comprehensively, propose appropriate procedures for you and determine their frequency and course.

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Where do stretch marks come from?

Long or short wide or narrow dark or quite light, strands of wrinkled skin, parallel to each other are stretch marks. They arise on the body of both men and women, although they appear more often in women. They look unsightly and unfortunately it's difficult to get rid of them. Today, about where stretch marks come from and how we can fight them.

Why are they formed?

The cause of stretch marks is collagen fiber rupture, most often it occurs as a result of hormonal changes and rapid skin stretching. This is why pregnant women are most at risk of developing stretch marks. Disturbed hormonal balance, unfortunately, causes that fibroblasts that have been active so far no longer work in this way. Collagen and elastin production are reduced and the resulting fibers are weaker. The problem is also intensely stretching skin, especially on the breasts, stomach, thighs and buttocks. However, this is not the end of stretch marks for girls of adolescence, adolescents in the intensive growth phase, women during menopause, obese people who lead the so-called unhygienic lifestyle, i.e. alcohol abusers, smoking cigarettes, exposed to chronic stress, low sleep, or using an unhealthy high-processed diet.

Sport is ...

of course, health and well-being, but sometimes also the risk of stretch marks. This happens when we exercise intensively and our muscles grow quickly. Stretch marks may also appear in people who lose too much weight, remember if body weight changes quickly, we are always exposed to the appearance of unsightly bands on our body. This is why when we exercise intensively regardless of whether our intention is to build muscle mass or lose unnecessary fat, we must remember about proper skin care and a properly composed diet.

And those genes again

Unfortunately, the predisposition to the formation of stretch marks can also be obtained in the genes, so if our loved ones struggled with this problem, we are certainly at risk. It is therefore likely that stretch marks, even if we haven't noticed them yet, may appear on our body. So keep them well cared for, eat well, and react as soon as possible when changes occur.

Watch out for cortisol

Unfortunately, cortisol also has its infamous role in the process of the formation of stretch marks. Unfortunately, it has a very adverse effect on the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin (fibroblasts). Therefore, when there is too much of it in the body, our skin loses its firmness, elasticity and is definitely more susceptible to the formation of stretch marks. Therefore, the risk group also includes people exposed to stress, performing physical exercises that are not adapted to the individual capabilities of their body, eating irregularly and suffering from diseases resulting in excessive secretion of cortisol, e.g. Cushing's syndrome and disease.

Prevention is better than ...

to treat it, so it is very important to care for your skin before stretch marks appear. We should take care of it thorough cleansing and exfoliation of dead skin with the help of peels that stimulate circulation, oxygenate and prepare for the adoption of nutrients from cosmetics used later. 

Coffee peeling has a very good effect, which perfectly firms and improves the condition of our skin. It is good to do this peeling 2-3 times a week. Constant moisturizing of bodies is a very important element of prevention, remember to choose cosmetics for this purpose, which will have nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of our body, e.g. vitamins A, E, C, and B vitamins, as well as silicon, and zinc are ingredients that, among other things, care for the proper hydration of the skin, eliminate the effects of free radicals and show beneficial effects on fibroblasts. 

It is also very important to provide vitamins and minerals from the inside through a well-composed diet, as well as avoiding stimulants and controlling your body weight. 

However, we must remember that, unfortunately, even the best cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle are not able to protect us 100% from stretch marks.

Time is important

Stretch marks vary depending on the phase they are in. Initially in the so-called the inflammatory phase is red, pink or purple, we may also feel a slight itch at the place of their formation. It is at this stage that they are easiest to get rid of, when after a few months they enter the so-called the atrophic phase begins to shrink and change color. They become much brighter sometimes even pearly-white and clearly palpable under the fingers. Then fighting them is much more difficult.

Everything in the hands of a specialist

When stretch marks appear, specialist help is needed to remove them. In REVIVE CLINIC™, thanks to specially developed proprietary programs, we can adjust the type of treatments performed and their frequency to the condition of your skin, so that after the therapy the effects we get are the best. However, you must remember that the treatment of stretch marks may take some time, so be patient. It is also worth knowing that the key to success is the experience of the person who will take care of your body, compliance with its recommendations and regularity.

How to fight them?

What treatments will be offered to you depends on your individual expectations, predispositions, therapeutic options and health condition. In REVIVE CLINIC™, to fight stretch marks, we use, among others, a SkinPen Microneedling, which by creating microdamages on the treated skin, creates a delicate inflammatory process and stimulates regenerative processes. This is a very effective method thanks to which stretch marks smooth out and become much less visible. If the SkinPen Microneedling is used when they are still in the inflammatory phase, we can remove them completely, then when they are already in the atrophic phase, we can reduce their visibility by up to several dozen percent. 

To strengthen the effects of SkinPen Microneedling therapy, we additionally use BBL phototherapy during which the heat absorbed by the treated areas stimulates the production of new collagen, restoring the skin's natural color, elasticity and clearly smoothing it. We can also get good results thanks to PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma). During such a procedure, growth factors from platelets strongly stimulating collagen production are given directly to the places where stretch marks appeared, supporting the reconstruction of skin tissues. It will accelerate the transformation of stretch marks/scars into healthy skin tissue. 

Beloved, if you want to get rid of stretch marks, remember that time is very important, the sooner you start working, the greater the chance that it will be possible to remove them completely. However, remember to decide on the treatment to choose places where qualified specialists will take care of you comprehensively, adapting the therapy to your individual needs and possible results.

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Skin glow

Summer is a hard time for our skin, and although the face lashed by the sun looks very nice and healthy, later it often becomes dry, tired and dull. Therefore, it is very important to adapt care and daily diet to the changing seasons and our individual needs about how to do it I have written to you many times. Today, however, I would like to tell you how to properly take care of our skin, so that it will please us with a beautiful, fresh and radiant look.

Our skin, like our entire body, needs care throughout the year. It is therefore very important to provide it with the necessary nutrients both from the outside with the help of appropriate care and from the inside adapting the diet to both your individual needs and changes in atmospheric conditions.

The skin doesn't like "junk food"

A properly composed diet is the basis for proper care. In the summer, unfortunately, we often forget about the importance of properly composed meals and their regular consumption. Often absorbed in holiday entertainment we eat something on the run and, unfortunately, most often it ends with the so-called junk food. Our skin reacts quickly to a change in eating habits, which is why the effects of a poor diet are noticeable very quickly. We lack vitamins and minerals, our skin loses its healthy color and despite the summer sun it turns gray, dull and dry. It is worth paying attention to what we also eat during the holidays and if we do not want to cook on vacation, let's try to ensure that the dishes eaten "in the city" are not fast food. Make sure that your holiday plate does not lack vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat, fish, seafood, nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds as well as natural yogurt and cheese, which will provide your body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and beneficial fatty acids. Give up instead of fatty heavy foods and sweet carbonated drinks. Limit the consumption of white bread, sugar, salt and alcoholic beverages. Try it, and you will soon find out that a healthy, well-balanced diet has an impact on the appearance of your skin just like well-chosen cosmetics.

Thirsty skin

In summer, when the air temperature soars up, we lose water very quickly, and with it electrolytes necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Remember that our body is 60-70% water, it is necessary for its every cell to work, which is why its deficiencies are so dangerous to us. Too little water in our body is a real threat not only to our health, but also to life. It is therefore very important to provide him with the right amount of fluids, adapting their amount to our age, lifestyle and weather conditions. Our skin, in order to look young, also needs water, if it does not feel its deficiencies, it is elastic, properly moisturized, nourished and radiant. Lack of adequate amount of water results in loss of firmness, healthy color, excessive drying and tendency to irritation.

Clean and nourish

Cleansing is a very important element of proper care, thanks to which we get rid of impurities that clog pores and block the access of oxygen, which means that the skin cannot regenerate properly. So it becomes gray, tired, dry and ages much faster. Therefore, it is very important to clean the skin every day and to peel 1-2 times a week, depending on the type of skin.

Carefully cleansed of the remains of colorful cosmetics, dust, excess sebum and dead skin, the skin absorbs the nutrients supplied with the cosmetics very well. Therefore, the condition of irritated, dry skin in summer is improved by masks made after cleansing treatments or the use of a moisturizing and nourishing treatment properly selected for your skin type serum.

Necessary support

Complementing home care and a proper diet are specialized treatments performed in professional beauty salons or aesthetic medicine clinics. It is thanks to them that it is possible to thoroughly cleanse, nourish and moisturize the skin, which unfortunately we are not able to do at home alone. However, not all treatments are recommended in summer. Instead of improving the condition of our skin, some may harm it. It is not the best idea to perform, for example, deep peels, the skin after them is very irritated and needs some time for regeneration, unfortunately it prevents it from contact with the sun, which is not particularly difficult in summer. Unfortunately, the effect of this combination may be unsightly discoloration. So it's worth thinking about a treatment that will not only cleanse your skin without irritating it, but also perfectly nourish and moisturize it. In my clinic, I recommend patients performing the HydraFacial procedure, which is not only completely safe even now in summer, but also combines all skin care elements, i.e. cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing.

How HydraFacial works

HydraFacial - hydradermabrasion is an alternative to traditionally used cleansing techniques. The treatment is a combination of vacuum hydropeeling with the application of active substances. Thanks to it, it is possible to exfoliate the skin and thoroughly clean the skin in such a way that it does not get irritated. This is because the exfoliating diamond crystals are not used in the purification process. Instead, the treatment uses specially patented disposable tips and active substances, which under pressure get into the deep layers of the epidermis. The entire procedure is characterized by a high level of antiseptics and makes the exfoliation process mild and delicate. Removing dead cells and impurities from the skin surface is combined with the application of individually selected active substances with a cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating and rejuvenating effect. In the first stage of the procedure, dead skin is exfoliated, and when the pores are open, successively, active substances containing cleansing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients are applied, which, by eliminating free radicals, protect our skin against premature aging. The procedure does not last long and does not require recovery, patients can immediately return to their daily duties and enjoy the effects of the procedure, which are visible immediately.

At REVIVE CLINIC we can combine Hydrafacial with INTRACEUTICALS Oxygen Infusion to even more moisturize and hydrate the skin. 

Remember that your body also needs proper nutrition and care in the summer. So try even during the holidays not to forget about a properly composed diet, hydration, careful care and the right amount of sleep, your skin will certainly pay back to you with a dazzling look.

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Why we should moisturize skin

I write to you about the fact that the skin needs hydration every time I mention its proper care. We should moisturize it from an early age, even when it is still smooth and firm. We are talking about the fact that the skin needs moisturizing in the summer when it is exposed to the sun's rays and air-conditioned indoor air, in autumn and winter when it is exposed to sudden temperature changes, and even in the spring when it should regenerate and recover after winter. Today on our blog about why moisturizing is so important for our skin.

Why do you need water?

Our body mostly consists of water, every part of it needs it, without it our life would not be possible. The skin contains as much as 20-30% of water, which is stored throughout the body. However, it is not evenly distributed, much more water is found in the deeper layers of the skin. It is thanks to it that its reconstruction processes take place correctly, the proper functioning of fibroblasts is maintained, and collagen and elastin fibers have the correct structure. If it is not enough, these functions will be disturbed, the skin will lose its firmness and elasticity, and aging processes will significantly accelerate. 

Its protective layer will also be disturbed, so it will become susceptible to allergens, pathogens and external factors such as wind, frost and UV radiation. When the protective layer of the skin is not working properly, the water that its cells need is evaporating much faster, disrupting their functioning.

When does the water run out?

The amount of water in our body depends on many factors. Babies have the most water, later its amount gradually decreases. Therefore, with age, when it begins to decrease, our skin becomes less elastic, thin and prone to irritation. That is why we begin to notice the first signs of aging on it. 

If our skin is not hydrated enough, it wrinkles, breaks, we feel unpleasant burning and itching.

We lose water every day during normal physiological activities, excrete it with urine and feces, we lose it with each of our breaths and through the surface of the skin. 

It is said that about 2.5 - 3 liters of water are lost daily from our body. This amount, however, varies depending on our predispositions, the climate in which we live, lifestyle or diet. 

Dryness of the skin also occurs when it comes in contact with irritating factors found e.g. in detergents and even in some cosmetics. Baths that are too long may also be unfavorable, which is why we like lounging out of the bathtub with warm water very much, we must remember that in this way we deprive our skin of a protective layer and expose it to intensive loss water.

How to care for proper skin hydration?

Of course, it is very important to replenish lost fluids, we should supply them to the body as much as they depleted. This amount varies, among others, depending on the weather, physical activity and health. So be sure to watch your body and remember that the usual feeling of thirst is already a sign of dehydration. Dehydration of the skin most often bothers us in autumn and winter, when our skin is exposed to frequent temperature changes, cool and sharp outdoor air, and dry and warm rooms. All this promotes rapid evaporation of water. That is why we should especially take care of its proper hydration and rebuilding of the damaged protective layer.

Appropriate care

When our skin loses moisture very quickly it then becomes unpleasantly tense, dry and rough. To improve her condition, we must ensure proper hydration and protection. Remember, however, that the creams used on cool autumn and cold winter days should be different from the ones we used in the summer. They must take care not only to moisturize the skin properly, but also to ensure that this moisture stays in it for as long as possible. They also include skin protection against wind and cold, so they should take care of its protective layer. This is why winter creams have a different consistency than those we use in the summer, to be able to do their job, they must be definitely denser.

What to look for in cosmetics?

Well-chosen cosmetics are the basis for proper care, so it's worth paying attention to their composition. To improve the condition of dry, dehydrated skin or to prevent excessive water loss, choose cosmetics in which you will find e.g.

  • hyaluronic acid, which by binding water molecules, will ensure proper hydration of the skin;
  • urea, which also moisturizes and has the ability to retain water in the epidermis and protects against excessive water evaporation beeswax or petroleum jelly;
  • vegetable oils (jojoba, almond, borage, evening primrose, raspberry seed, avocado, sea buckthorn, shea butter or cocoa butter), which not only take care of the proper hydration and lubrication of the skin, but also help rebuild its protective barrier, they will provide a large dose of the most important vitamins and essential fatty acids. In addition, they also nourish the skin, and as strong antioxidants will fight free radicals. Vegetable oils also have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects and what is very important they do not clog pores and do not irritate delicate skin;
  • aloe, chamomile or calendula extract, thanks to which we will reduce irritation, accelerate healing processes and help deal with inflammation more easily.

However, this is not the end, you also have to remember that the cosmetics you choose contain ingredients that will help supplement the skin's lipid structure, e.g. cholesterol, ceramides, polyunsaturated fatty acids and squalene. 

It is also very important to ensure proper regulation of water and fat management, e.g. vitamin B7, A, E, and having soothing provitamin B5 will work very well in this role. 

In winter, it is also worth strengthening the vessels exposed to constant temperature changes. Creams containing vitamin C, routine and chestnut, arnica or calendula extract are excellent here.

Help in the hands of a specialist

There is also the perfect time to use the opportunities offered by aesthetic medicine. At REVIVE CLINIC™, we have prepared for you a wide range of treatments, which, combining into proprietary programs, are tailored to your individual needs, so that the effects that we finally get are the best.

  • If your problem is dry skin, you can use e.g. HydraFacial water microdermabrasion, thanks to it you not only significantly improve the condition of dry, hypoxic and tired skin, but you can also rejuvenate it, smooth it and even out the color. HydraFacial is a treatment for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Thanks to water microdermabrasion, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and the use of active substances that under high pressure penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, will intensively moisturize, nourish, rejuvenate and refresh. The variety of active substances used during the treatment allows them to be individually selected for your skin problems, and the effects are visible immediately after it is performed and last for over 7 days.
  • An immediate intensive help for dry tired skin is also an Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion, which consists of injecting active ingredients in the form of a serum into the deep layers of the skin with pure hyperbaric oxygen. As a result, the active substances used during the treatment, acting at the cellular level, deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the face contour. A specialist who will know your expectations and skin problems you are facing will decide what substances will be used during the procedure.
  • For people whose skin needs solid hydration and nutrition, I also recommend Mesotherapy, i.e. injecting the skin with specially composed "cocktails" of vitamins, amino acids, microelements, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts.

Do not forget that even a non-invasive procedure requires consultation with a specialist. It is very important for the person who will perform it to know not only your expectations, but also be able to assess the condition of your skin and know your health so as to exclude all possible contraindications to the use of therapy.

Remember also that dry skin can be a symptom of many diseases, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, and a thorough medical consultation is often the first step leading to the right diagnosis and treatment.

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Protect skin against melanoma

Melanoma - the most dangerous of skin cancers. In the world each year there are over 130,000 new cases and unfortunately this number is growing every year. What's worse, very often patients report to the doctor too late, i.e. when the disease is already very advanced and the chances of recovery are very low. Meanwhile, early melanoma is completely curable. That is why I would like to draw your attention to how dangerous melanoma can be for each of us and how we can minimize the risk of developing this type of skin cancer. 

Melanoma is characterized by great aggressiveness, and at an advanced stage, when we are dealing with numerous metastases, its treatment is very difficult and unfortunately often ineffective. It is derived from pigmented cells - melanocytes, and although in most cases it is recognized on the skin, it also happens to occur on mucous membranes or inside the eyeball, i.e. wherever melanocytes are found.

When does the risk increase?

Melanoma does not apply only to the elderly. More and more cases are reported in women and men after 20 years of age. Very often, this disease is the result of sunburns during childhood. In the increased risk group there are also people with fair skin, blue, gray or green eyes and light blond or red hair. All those who have on their skin numerous pigmentation changes and so-called atypical, i.e. those that differ in shape and pigmentation. People who are related to someone who has had this type of cancer are also more likely to get sick. Above all, however, the risk of developing skin melanoma increases as a result of excessive skin exposure to UV radiation.

It is better to prevent

"Prevention is better than cure" these simple, but very wise words probably everyone knows, unfortunately not everyone can comply with them. That is why it is so important to build awareness among all people, both those who are at risk and those who are theoretically less at risk of falling ill. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that many diseases that ended prematurely could be avoided, sometimes just simply start with yourself. This is also the case with melanoma. So we should give up the solarium and avoid excessive sun exposure. However, do not exaggerate and do not hide at home as soon as we see that the weather is beautiful outside, we need the sun very much. The point is that we give up sunbathing or long walks when it shines most intensively. It is also very important to protect our skin, i.e. creams with high filters that we should use every day. Remember that the sun acts on our skin even when the weather does not indicate it, even 80% of radiation harmful to us can penetrate the clouds. You must also be aware of the fact that no cream will protect you 100%, it is not enough to apply it to the skin 1 throughout the day to keep the cosmetic working, such a procedure must be repeated every few hours.

It is also very important to wear glasses equipped with special filters and umbrellas, baseball caps and hats, which on sunny days also have a very important protective function. Take care of the youngest, don't forget that the sunburn they will experience as children can contribute to future illness.

Watch and react. Melanoma usually develops from changes that are already on our skin, very rarely occurs where it is completely smooth. Because most often, because in 90% of cases it is located on the surface of the skin, changes that disturb us can be seen even with the naked eye. So a very important element of prevention is the so-called self-examination. Try to regularly look at your skin, and if anything catches your attention, e.g. a change in the color or shape of the birthmark, as well as the sudden appearance of several new pigmented lesions, immediately report to a specialist who will look at everything very carefully and, if necessary, order additional will test and make the right diagnosis. Don't be afraid, early melanoma is treatable.


This time it is not a collection of vitamins necessary for your health. Under these letters is a very important rule in the melanoma detection process. If you know and remember her, it will be much easier for you to observe your body. From now on you will know what to look for and what changes can be worrying.

"A" like Asymmetry, any suspected change with an asymmetrical, uneven shape that is significantly different from "ordinary" moles is suspected.

"B" like Borders, the edges of changes that should cause our anxiety, and certainly make us visit a dermatologist are jagged, uneven, with various types of swelling.

"C" as color, that is, all changes in color and uneven distribution of the dye visible on the birthmark.

"D" like Diameter and Dynamics, i.e. the dynamics of morphological changes and the diameter of the change, if it exceeds 6 mm, should arouse our interest and be viewed by a dermatologist.

"E" as Evolution, i.e. any change that quickly changes its shape, color, diameter, and also begins to protrude above the surface of the skin.

Remember also that any discomfort you feel in the place where the birthmark is found, e.g. itching, burning, pain or bleeding are also an indication for urgent visit to the doctor and further diagnostics.

Melanoma attacks without warning and unfortunately also very quietly kills. Ailments that impede our functioning or are such a clear discomfort for us that they begin to cause anxiety, unfortunately they appear when the disease is already at an advanced stage and the prognosis is bad. Very often, however, before this happens, a lot of time must pass, therefore our so-called oncological alertness. Pay attention to what your birthmarks look like, even if in your eyes they are just harmless peppers, watch them carefully and consult any disturbing change with a specialist. However, self-examination is not everything, once a year your skin should be thoroughly examined by a dermatologist, and if you are at risk, this check-up should take place every six months. Remember also about protection against sun rays and in no case do not use the solarium. Melanoma is a cancer that, despite the progress of medicine, is still killing a lot of patients, but remember that each of us can change that.

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Rosacea – how can you get it good?

Rosacea appears on the face, causes redness, spider veins, the formation of small lumps or purulent pimples. The disease is genetically determined and affects mature people, unfortunately mostly choosing women.

Its causes are not yet fully understood, but it is known that the factors causing erythema may be hormonal, vasomotor or endocrine disorders. As a reason for the disease, doctors also mention gastrointestinal disorders, yeast infection or microscopic mite - demodicosis.

Time is important

Rosacea should be diagnosed by a specialist - a dermatologist. We should be worried by the intense redness of the face, the feeling of warmth and burning that appears. Treatment of the disease requires time, regularity and self-denial. However, it is much easier to fight with it if we start therapy at its initial stage.

Changing habits

Rosacea is very capricious, which is why many factors exacerbate it. People suffering from this ailment should avoid, among others: drinking strong tea, alcohol, spicy and hot dishes as well as skin exposure to frost, sun and wind. Symptoms of the disease are also aggravated by strong emotions and intense physical exercise.


Skin care with rosacea is a big challenge. Thanks to it, we can significantly improve the appearance of diseased skin and facilitate treatment. The most important thing is to avoid irritating cosmetics containing alcohol, menthol and fragrances. Choose those for allergic and sensitive skin. Regular cleansing of the face is very important, it will remove excess fat, bacteria and microbes from the skin. To avoid irritation, give up peeling and washing the skin with water straight from the tap. Sun protection is also extremely important. Be sure to use preparations with a filter no smaller than SPF 15.

I need a specialist

Rosacea treatment usually involves the use of antibiotic therapy. However, at REVIVE CLINIC I recommend starting the fight against the disease from Forever Young BBL phototherapy, thanks to which, before we get rid of the symptoms, we will destroy the cause of their occurrence. An intense light source, emitted during the procedure, deep into the patient's skin, hits precisely the smallest blood vessels without damaging the surrounding tissue. BBL Phototherapy is a delicate and non-invasive procedure, but to bring the expected results it should be repeated about 5 times, maintaining the monthly intervals between treatments.

Remember that the skin after the treatment is very sensitive to UV radiation, so it is extremely important to use creams with a high filter and not expose it to the sun.

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