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Mimic wrinkles arise first and are the result of movements performed by our muscles. They make our face see emotions. The skin wrinkles when we are surprised, scared, sad or happy. The first mimic wrinkles can appear on our face already around 25 years of age.

Today I will tell you about how mimic wrinkles arise and how we can deal with them with the help of aesthetic medicine.

For a moment or forever?

Initially, mimic wrinkles appear and disappear, they are noticeable only when all kinds of emotions are painted on our face. When we smile, the corners of our lips wrinkle, wrinkles appear around the eyes, while surprise is accompanied by transverse lines visible on our forehead, in turn anger draws wrinkles between our eyebrows. Over time, when collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decrease in our skin, it loses elasticity, and mimic wrinkles become permanent, become deeper and more visible over the years.

The aging process and the picture of our experiences

Mimic wrinkles are the result of grimaces that appear on our face, and when they become visible in the aging process, they often become an illustration of our life. When underlying their formation are positive experiences, our face despite the passage of time may look cheerful and even deeper wrinkles appearing on it do not take away its beauty. It is different when they are a reminder of heavy traumatic experiences and their presence means that even when entering a completely new, better chapter of our lives we still look depressed.

Mimic wrinkles arise and than

The formation of mimic wrinkles is inevitable, we will not stop showing emotions. We can only delay their appearance by careful skin care. Caring for its proper hydration and proper nutrition, avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, reducing stress and trying to provide our skin with favorable conditions for regeneration, i.e. the right portion of rest and the right amount of sleep. Facial massages and exercise of her muscles also bring very good results. Also, try to ensure a proper diet and introduce physical activity to your daily duties. Thanks to this, your skin will remain firm and young longer.

The Microneedling will smooth out wrinkles

At REVIVE CLINIC, patients who want to restore youth and glow of their skin, get rid of small wrinkles and imperfections, I propose an extremely modern and precise SkinPen Micronnedling treatment. During the procedure, a thin layer of skin is removed with the help of a microneedling, which allows you to get rid of damaged cells, while activating the healing process. As a result, new healthy cells are created and the skin structure changes, it regains its firmness and uniform color. The intensity of the treatment and its type are always individually tailored to the needs of the patient's skin and the effects we want to achieve.

SkinPen Microneedling help reduce the effects of time on our skin, they are also a very good solution for people who want to get rid of facial wrinkles in "difficult" places, i.e. around the lips and eyes. All this thanks to advanced technology and experience of specialists at REVIVE CLINIC.

The effects of the treatment are visible already after 3-4 days of their implementation, so much more time is needed for the skin to heal. In the case of deep surgery, the healing process is prolonged and can last up to several days. What's more, during this procedure the production of new collagen is also stimulated, which is why the patient's skin can work for another 4-6 months. During this time, skin appearance, firmness and tension improve. The frequency and number of treatments are always matched to the needs of the patient and it is decided by the specialist who creates an individual therapy plan. Good effects are also achieved with the use of a microneedling with PRP, which by creating microscopic holes on a selected part of the skin, mobilizes the surrounding healthy tissues to produce new collagen, which makes the skin look healthy, wrinkles smoothen, the color becomes uniform and a healthy glow returns . You must remember that after these treatments, the skin is very sensitive to UV rays, so it is very important to avoid direct skin exposure to the sun and to apply appropriate protection. The first effects of the treatment will be visible after a few days, but the final results have to wait 4-6 months, during which the collagen will be rebuilt.

Light on mimic wrinkles

The lifting effect without the use of a scalpel and a clear improvement in the appearance of the skin can also be obtained by opting for a Forever Ypung BBL - broadband light treatment. Thanks to the infrared energy reaching the deep layers of the skin, collagen is heated, which begins to shrink. Skin healing processes are also activated and as a result new collagen is produced. The skin becomes firm, tense and clearly rejuvenated. However, you need to be patient, because to obtain the desired results it is necessary to perform several treatments usually from 4 to 6, and the first results appear after about 4-6 months. After this time, collagen will strengthen and rebuild enough. After the treatment with the use of light energy, as in the case of SkinPen Microneedling, it is necessary to carefully protect the skin against UV radiation.

Mezo-Botox will remove mimic wrinkles.

If you want to reduce wrinkles caused by muscle movement and at the same time avoid the frozen effect of the face, which is popular during inefficient use, I encourage you to use my proprietary method. It is the latest method of facial rejuvenation using the benefits of mesotherapy and the action of botulinum toxin, which is a popular botox. During the procedure, patients are given small doses of botulinum toxin in combination with hyaluronic acid or a specially composed cocktail containing appropriate doses of vitamins, microelements and amino acids through very shallow microinjections. The treatment allows not only to get rid of fine mimic wrinkles, but also properly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improving its firmness and giving a healthy look. The skin after the surgery does not require any special recovery, and the effects are visible about a week after its implementation.

Mimic wrinkles can add charm, and if the skin is properly nurtured, the aging process is much milder than that of neglected skin. However, if for some reason it is difficult for you to reconcile with the passing of time or home methods do not bring the expected results, I invite you to my REVIVE CLINIC, where a team of qualified specialists will take care of you comprehensively, propose appropriate procedures for you and determine their frequency and course.