Dr Chris Gojdz

Chris Gojdz, MD, PHD ( Dr Krzysztof Gojdź, MD, PHD) is a highly esteemed physician. Celebrating many years of broad experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and originally from a medical background with MD PhD qualifications.

Several years ago he decided to turn his career into aesthetic medicine. He completed the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Miami in 2012 with the score nr 1. He also graduated from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (Aesthetic Fellowship) as well as he attended to hundreds of other courses around the world. He gained clinical skills in the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

From 2013 on behalf of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, several times a year he lectured and trained doctors in aesthetic medicine around the world (including in Europe, Asia, Australia, USA, the Caribbean), thus having an impact on the development natural aesthetic medicine and trends in the field of image shaping.

He trained more than 1,000 doctors, among others in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Miami, Las Vegas ... providing them with their theoretical and practical knowledge.

Dr Chris Gojdz also systematically carries out trainings raising his professional qualifications and develops his knowledge and skills in the field of aesthetic medicine in the most prestigious scientific and clinical centers as well as attends and lectures American and world congresses. Educating other physicians and experiencing many cultures around the world means for Dr Gojdz not only meeting great people and places, but also getting energy, inspiration, ideas and knowledge to introduce innovative methods of treatment.

As part of aesthetic medicine and skincare treatment, Dr Gojdz specializes in technologically advanced laser therapy as well as combination of different, newest cosmetic procedures, giving patients the opportunity to take up treatment using the most modern methods meeting global standards.

Several years ago in Europe, Warsaw, Poland , Dr Chris Gojdz, as the founder of HOLISTIC Clinic, created the idea of holistic medspa, which was innovative in its concept and approach to the patient, in which patients were under the comprehensive care of the highest class specialists in aesthetic medicine, anti-aging, gynecology, skincare, cosmetology, nutrition and other fields. Thousands of cosmetic medicine physicians and medspa around the world started to follow his idea and beauty treatments’ protocols.

Aesthetic medicine, a holistic approach to the patient and the art of extracting beauty from every human being is Dr Chris Gojdz's passion. Creating the very idea of HOLISTIC Clinic and everyday work was for Dr Gojdz not only the pleasure of meeting people and the possibility of artistic fulfillment. This is often a help, also a charity, in difficult health problems.

In the meantime, he defended his PHD by obtaining the academic title of the DOCTOR of MEDICAL SCIENCE, he recorded on Discovery Channel/ TVN dozens of television programs and shows promoting aesthetic medicine and helping those in need, giving patients hope for a better tomorrow. He gave hundreds of interviews, wrotes two books.

Dr Gojdz has changed the way of thinking of many doctors and patients promoting natural beauty - both body and soul...

Eight years ago, my dream was to create one of the most prestigious clinic for aesthetic medicine in Europe, and I achieved this goal quickly by making my Holistic Clinic the forerunner of the most modern trends in treatment and care. Of my appearance, the clinic became No. 1 the most reliable and recognizable clinic in Poland with the biggest number of patients. Dozens of celebrities who care about their image, visited me in the office, knowing that I would not distort their faces and their appearance because I always promoted a natural look based on natural procedures

Dr Chris Gojdz MD, PhD is a celebrity doctor in Europe. The latest career of Dr Gojdz in the Polish show business was impressive. Popularity even led him to ”Dancing with the stars”. He hosted many other programs. Recently, however, Dr Chris Gojdz has decided to disappear from the show business and he moved to Miami.

”…At that time I met great people, I recorded TV Shows for Discovery/TVN, I published books, I gave hundreds of interviews, as part of a “sociological project” that I played in celebrity and even I danced in ”Dancing with stars”. I developed aesthetic medicine in this country and I was an example and inspiration with my team for many doctors and clinics. I have traveled all over the world to teach thousands of doctors in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States…”

The most important thing for Dr Chris Gojdz was to help the needy.

”…However, I have always had one main goal: to support people who need our help. Hundreds of patients have been treated by me for free , and I am most proud of this job. I was very emotional about every patient affected by fate. I also taught my doctors and specialists that they would have empathy and goodness, because it returns to us, these were the most beautiful eight years of my life

A year ago Dr Chris Gojdz left Poland and sold shares in his Holistic Clinic. Now he is opening new REVIVE CLINIC™ in US.

Now I have a completely new and extremely interesting stage in my life. I made serious and courageous decisions regarding my professional and personal life. I want to be available not only in Europe but also to a wider group of patients and doctors around the world. I have made a decision to move to Miami Beach, Florida and I want to pursue my new dreams and goals. Also I’d like to be more charitable helping people who lost their sense of life. This is why I’m opening Revive Clinic in Miami and later in other cities in the US. Now the world opens its doors for me even wider ... I am opening to a NEW LIFE with courage and curiosity

I intend to continue training doctors around the world. I want to create a foundation that helps women in different corners of the world to stand up, believe in themselves and change their lives. I’m also planning to do TV programs on a global scale to educate people how they should take care of themselves and their beauty – face, body and soul...”

I am opening Revive Clinic™ - a new beauty concept unlike any other. Revive Clinic™ is THE MOST MAGICAL SPOT IN SOUTH BEACH, Miami Beach. A HOLISTIC OASIS. To revivemeans to give new strength or energy to life, to give new life. This is what I’d like to give to my patients. I want my patients to: Revive. Feel Better. Look Better. Perform Better

Dr Chris Gojdz MD, PhD has a medical license for: Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

At the Revive Clinic™ in United States Dr Chris Gojdz is consulting patients as a skin care and natural smart-aging expert. Dr Gojdz trained his licensed specialists’ team giving them the best knowledge and practical skills in the beauty industry. This is why patients at Revive Clinic™ are under the most modern and scientific cosmetic treatments.