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Today it will not be about beauty, or how to correct imperfections, deal with the first wrinkles or fight with orange peels.

I would like us to stop for a moment and think not only about our appearance and ways to improve it, but also about health. In my profession I come across various human problems, very often the stories of my patients touch me to the bone, sometimes my heart breaks into millions of pieces and the usual human powerlessness of anger mercilessly. Patients who started their hard fight against cancer or those who are already at its end are coming to me more and more often. I believe that they will all succeed and win the most difficult battle of their lives. Unfortunately, I am also aware that still too many people fail to beat this insidious opponent. Sometimes the reason is its exceptional virulence and sometimes the stage of its development. Remember that it is the time that counts here, the cancer detected in the early stages is very often cureable. That's why I appeal to you all, give yourself a chance and ... study!

Today I will tell you about some preventive examinations aimed at typically female or typically male cancers that should be performed regularly.

Breasts under control

Every year, breast cancer takes a huge toll, even though the advances in medicine increasingly allow it to be cured. However, time is becoming a problem. Too many women still get to the doctor too late, and when the malignant tumor is already well advanced, the chances of recovery unfortunately drastically decrease. That is why regular check-ups are extremely important. Dear Lord, remember that cancer can affect each of you, and although statistics show an increase in the risk of illness in women over the age of 50, it happens more and more often that the disease affects many younger women. That is why each of you should test yourself after you are 20 years old.

Breast self-examination

This is an extremely important test, you can do it without any problem at home alone. Thanks to it, it is possible to detect cancerous changes when the disease is not yet advanced and the chances of recovery are very high. The study consists of two stages. The first is to carefully look at your breasts to see any changes in their appearance, while the second is palpation. Self-examination should be done once a month. It is best if you choose a specific day and always do it at the same time, only then you will be able to get to know your breasts well and easily notice the changes that should bother you. Do not be afraid not every irregularity must mean cancer, many of them are completely harmless. Also remember that this simple regular examination can save your life, so if you do not know how to conduct it correctly, ask your doctor or look for information on the Internet, you will find many pages where this process is described very simply and in detail . Let the doctor do the examination once a year.

Breast USG

The first breast ultrasound should be done after the age of 25, the next according to the doctor's instructions, usually after two years. Women who have already celebrated their 30th birthday should do breast ultrasound once a year. There is nothing to fear, it is a completely painless examination, thanks to which the doctor can detect even small bumps at an early stage of their development. The advantage of this test is that already during its duration, the doctor will tell you what he sees on the monitor and you will not have to wait long for the results.


The first mammogram should be performed by women after the age of 40, then it should be done every two years up to the age of 50, then the doctor may recommend repeating the test every year. Mammography can detect even very tiny bumps at a very early stage of their development. You do not need to prepare for the test, but it is better to do them in the second half of the cycle, just after menstruation, then your breasts are less swollen and sensitive to pain.

The reproductive organs under special supervision

Genital cancers, including those located in the breast, are still among the most common. Due to the scarcity of the initial symptoms and their diversity, they are still a very big diagnostic problem. Meanwhile, as with other cancers, early detection of changes is of great importance. Therefore, to give yourself a chance and time to heal, you need to regularly visit a gynecologist and perform preventive examinations.

Gynecological examination

During the examination, the doctor is able to assess the condition of your reproductive organs, and his trained eye notices disturbing changes that can be evidence of developing cancerous diseases. They should be performed by all women who have already begun sex life or menstruating ladies around 18 years of age, unless there are indications to visit a specialist before. If nothing disturbing happens, the doctor will determine the date of your next visit, but it is best not to postpone it too much and to report for it at least once a year.


A cervical smear is usually taken during a gynecological examination. So if you visit a gynecologist regularly, its course is not foreign to you. This test is extremely important because it is thanks to it that it is possible to detect cervical cancer in its early stages and create a huge opportunity for recovery and recovery. The first cytological examination should be performed around the age of 20 and if the result is correct, repeat it every year.

Vaginal USG

This test allows the detection of invisible changes during gynecological examination, e.g. fibroids and cysts, thanks to which it is also possible to detect what is known as the "female silent killer" of ovarian cancer. This insidious malignant tumor develops for a long time, giving almost no symptoms, and when it manifests itself, the chances of recovery are significantly reduced. Vaginal ultrasound allows you to capture disturbing changes in a timely manner and initiate appropriate treatment when it can be effective. That is why women who have already started having sex should do it once a year.

Testicular self-examination

Gentlemen, although this is often a shameful topic for you and there is still too little talk about it, you must know that cancer is not ashamed of anything, attacks and kills instantly. Even worse, young men between 20 and 40 years old usually choose their victims. Therefore, let's overcome the shame, examine and observe our testicles, and consult any disturbing change with a urologist who will order an ultrasound if necessary. Early detected testicular cancer has a very good prognosis.

Prostate examination

Prostate examination is still something completely foreign to many men. Meanwhile, malignant prostate cancer attacks men very often, and the examination by the urologist, although not very pleasant, can save your life. After 40 hours, you should do it once a year. If the doctor notices any irregularities, he may order the implementation of TRUS or transrectal ultrasound.

General "review"

Remember that dangerous civilization diseases, i.e. cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes and various types of cancer, unfortunately, can also affect everyone. That is why both ladies and gentlemen should visit their GP once a year and perform a complete set of check-ups. We should do, among others: morphology and general urine test, check the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood, chest X-ray and ultrasound of the lungs, thyroid and abdominal cavity. Also remember to consult any doctor about any disturbing symptoms that you send out, who will, if necessary, order additional tests.

Examin and give yourself a chance to live. Remember, time is of the essence here. Therefore, stop for a moment and find time to see a doctor before it's too late.