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Platelet rich plasma is a wonderful substance that we all have exclusively. We receive them from our own blood, so it is a completely natural and safe preparation. It works great for people suffering from all sorts of allergies. Platelet rich plasma injection is an increasingly popular anti-aging therapy. Why is this happening and what does platelet rich plasma give us?

What exactly is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet rich plasma is an autologous concentrate of platelets suspended in a small amount of plasma. We obtain it by centrifuging previously collected patient's blood placed in special tubes. The platelet rich plasma separated in this way is a preparation containing active thrombocytes that release growth factors. These, in turn, stimulate the multiplication and division of epidermal cells, activate microcirculation, stimulate DNA synthesis, stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and stimulate the synthesis of intercellular matrix. Put simply, it is platelet-rich plasma that accelerates skin regeneration processes, thanks to which new healthy cells are formed faster, which results in a visible improvement in appearance.

Who needs a platelet rich plasma treatment?

Until quite recently, platelet-rich plasma was known mainly by athletes, it was perfectly done in the treatment of various types of injuries and injuries. This excellent natural preparation accelerates the healing of both soft tissues and bones, in addition, it reduces the risk of dangerous infections, reduces swelling and significantly shortens the recovery period. Today, its wonderful properties are successfully used in aesthetic medicine, allowing us to improve the condition of our skin and hair.

Platelet Rich Plasma injection

With the passage of time, our skin begins to age, this happens as a result of slowing regeneration processes. Skin cells can no longer regenerate as quickly as a young person, so they lose their firmness and density, wrinkles and discoloration appear. Aging skin becomes thinner and therefore more prone to dryness and irritation. Of course, all the time we should support our skin through proper care, adapted to both its type and age. Remembering at the same time that the "age" of our skin is not always a reflection of how old we are. It happens very often that the well-groomed skin of a forty-year-old looks much better than the skin of a thirty-year-old. Do not forget that many factors, both internal and external, are responsible for skin aging. Skin genes and skin health affect the condition. Our lifestyle and diet are also important here.

The fact is, however, that we will not stop time and sooner or later it will start to leave its marks on our skin. Then it is worth supporting it through platelet-rich plasma treatments. Injected under the skin, stimulate it to life and mobilize it to action. It will wake up already dormant fibroblasts, which will start to work again and produce new collagen, activate the formation of new blood vessels and stimulate mesenchymal stem cells. The injected skin regenerates and heals faster. The improving microcirculation, on the other hand, makes it properly oxygenated and nourished, its density improves, wrinkles are shallow and the color evens. Injecting with platelet rich plasma improves the face oval, firms and smoothes the skin, giving it a healthy, youthful appearance.

Scars and stretch marks

Ugly scars and stretch marks are difficult to treat. That is why proper care and quick start of treatment are very important. It is best to start fighting them when they are still fresh, then the effects of the therapy are really very good. The skin will become smooth and scars virtually invisible. Platelet-rich plasma is perfect here, as it accelerates skin regeneration and healing. As a result, new healthy tissues will begin to form in the injected area. Scars will change their structure, become smoother, more flexible, narrower and shallower. Their color will also change, they will be more similar to the healthy skin around them. Platelet-rich plasma treatment is also great as a therapy to accelerate wound healing and skin regeneration after surgery.

To help hair loss

Platelet-rich plasma, also called the "elixir of youth" for a reason, is also a great way to improve hair condition and a great weapon that is increasingly used to fight baldness. The problem with thinning, weakened and excessive hair loss affects both men and women. Fighting it with home remedies can not always bring the expected results, so it is worth supporting it by injecting the scalp with platelet rich plasma. The growth factors contained in it activate the hair follicles, thanks to which the dormant hair goes into the active growth phase. Their hair loss decreases, and most importantly, new, thicker and stronger hair appears. Remember, however, that one treatment will not work miracles, you also have to wait for the effects. The first may appear even after a few months.

Injecting with platelet rich plasma gives very good results, significantly improves the appearance of the skin, tightens it, makes it elastic, smoothes, refreshes and rejuvenates, it can also fight with unsightly and often life-hiding scars, and even restore lush hair. However, do not expect impossible things, the effects will not appear after one treatment, it is necessary to perform a series of 3-6 treatments at individually adjusted intervals.

Also remember that platelet-rich plasma therapy may not be applicable to everyone. The contraindication for performing the procedure is pregnancy, breastfeeding, autoimmune diseases, cancer, blood diseases, coagulation disorders and active skin infections. Therefore, before you decide on the treatment, choose a place where qualified specialists will take care of you, so that you can be sure that the decision to apply it has been made correctly. I encourage you to take advantage of the treatments carried out by the best specialists in REVIVE CLINIC ™.