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More and more days, more and more sun, thermometers show higher and higher temperatures, it would seem that this was what we were waiting for after short winter days. So we should welcome the coming spring with joy and energy and come to life with nature after winter sleep. Meanwhile, instead of a surge of energy, we are now more tired and even on longer sunny days we don't want much.

The spring solstice, because of which we are talking about, affects many of us, with the arrival of spring weakness and apathy appear, the symptoms of some diseases are exacerbated, we lose our appetite, we often have a headache, it is difficult for us to concentrate, and instead of bursting with energy we have bad mood. Exhausted after winter, the body simply cannot keep up with the upcoming changes, it is also not facilitated by hormonal fluctuations that accompany the change of the season and are designed, among others, to change our biological clock.

Spring is coming soon, so today on my blog 7 ways to deal with the spring solstice

1. Cleanse the body

In winter, our diet is low in vegetables and fruits, instead it is full of hard-to-digest foods that our digestive system can't always handle. Our metabolism is also slowed down by less movement, sun and spending time outdoors. Winter sedentary lifestyle means that our digestive system is full of harmful toxins and deposits that hinder the absorption of necessary nutrients. That is why after the winter it is very important to apply a cleansing diet. If we want to get rid of toxins from our body, first of all we should give up all kinds of stimulants, including coffee and strong tea, completely discontinue sugar and significantly reduce salt. It is also very important to drink a lot of water, which is the easiest way to get rid of harmful substances from our body. Your diet should be dominated by vegetables and fruits, preferably steamed or raw. Also, do not eat fatty and heavy foods during this time. If you want detox to be effective and safe, it's best if you ask a dietitian for advice. A cleansing diet usually does not last long and although sometimes it is difficult to bear, it brings fantastic results.

2. Change your eating habits

Our body in the winter is clearly tired, all because it has already depleted its necessary vitamins and minerals. That is why it is now very important to supplement the deficiencies with a well-balanced diet. If you have done a detox before, it will be much easier for your body to absorb the nutrients it provides with healthy food. So you will gain energy faster and your appearance and well-being will improve. Try to have a lot of fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish, whole grains and nuts in your menu. A very good way to fill in the winter deficiencies are vegetable and fruit cocktails - a real vitamin bomb that will allow you to quickly get on your feet.

3. Go for a walk

A walk is a very important element in the fight against the spring solstice, and although sometimes we do not want to stick our nose out the door, it is worth breaking and spending each day, although a few minutes in the open air. I'm not talking about a morning run to the bus or returning from work with a head full of business duties, but about real relaxation in the fresh air. Such a walk should be pleasant, try to really breathe deeply. Your body needs oxygen, if you supply it with oxygen, it will start working much more effectively and you will feel a positive change very quickly.

4. Start exercising

If in winter you led a rather sedentary lifestyle, the arrival of spring is the best time for change. The right portion of movement will allow you not only to get rid of accumulated kilograms and unnecessary fat, but also positively affect your health and well-being. If you feel tired, start slowly, gradually increasing your activity. It is not worth immediately go to intensive training, because it can only stress your body and bring the opposite effects. First enter a few minutes of not too heavy exercises and slowly increase their intensity, you will certainly quickly see for yourself what is good for you. Exercise will quickly improve your metabolism, blood circulation and humor, thanks to it it will be much easier for you to face the spring solstice and enjoy the arrival of spring.

5. Watch out for weather changes

When winter ends and spring begins, we are dealing with very large temperature fluctuations, warm and sunny days are intertwined with cold, rainy and windy, there are also several days of winter returns. So you don't need much to catch a cold, changes in the weather are reflected not only on our health, but also on our well-being, which is why it is very important that we try to adjust our clothes to changing temperatures like in a kaleidoscope. It is not easy at all, because the weather can change several times a day. That is why it is best to dress for the so-called onions, then we can take some clothes off when it gets warm and put them back on when it cools down. This is probably the only way to deal with the vagaries of the upcoming spring.

6. Sleep well

Remember that changing the time from "winter" to "summer" is a real challenge for our body. Our biological clock is completely unregulated, and the stolen hour of sleep seems to be eternity. Therefore, to help the body and help it get used to the spring mode of work, we should sleep well. So let's stop the night because of engaging reading or an interesting movie. Our body right now needs the right dose of healthy restful sleep the most.

7. Don't demand too much of yourself

Wait a moment before you start cleaning up your spring, don't take extra tasks and responsibilities for yourself, because although it seems to you that with the first rays of the sun and the lengthening day you should do more, your body is not ready yet. Therefore, it quickly responds with fatigue and deterioration of mood. Give yourself some time to recover after the winter and make sure you have time to relax every day.

The spring solstice can not quite properly find under our skin, some say you just have to wait it out. However, I encourage you to use, although a few of my tips, maybe they will prove to be helpful for you and allow you to go through this difficult time for your body more easily.



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