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Double chin also called the second chin is usually associated with obese people. Unfortunately, however, this is a condition that often affects slim people, often even those who lead an active lifestyle. Today on the blog about where a double chin comes from and how we can get rid of it.

Double chin is a problem that affects both women and men. It usually arises when we gain too many extra kilos. It happens, however, that it appears despite the right weight and active lifestyle.

Such is your beauty

We can simply inherit the tendency to form a double chin from our loved ones. If we noticed the second chin in our mother, father or grandmother or grandfather, unfortunately it may turn out that we too will tend to accumulate fat in this place.


A double chin is also a condition that often affects the elderly. When our skin begins to age, it loses its proper tension, is less moisturized and definitely less supple. Over time, it becomes loose, flaccid and begins to "hang", very often creating just the so-called second beard

Do not slouch

Bad posture is another factor that can promote the formation of a double chin. If we often slouch, bow our head, or walk as if we want to hide it in our arms, our muscles around the neck and chin are getting weaker, the skin sagging and falling, and adipose tissue develops much easier.

How do you make your bed ...

this will be your chin :). Bad position during sleep, unfortunately, can also affect the condition of our muscles and skin firmness, and thus be responsible for the formation of the "second chin". Sleeping with your head high on the pillow and sometimes even a few is unfavorable. Big and soft pillows should be replaced with thinner, harder ones, preferably specially profiled, then the muscles around the chin will stay in good condition for longer.

Avoid the sun and sun beds

Too long exposure of the skin to the sun or the use of solarium, unfortunately, does not have a positive effect on the condition of our skin. Exposed to too frequent contact with UV rays, it ages much faster, loses firmness, elasticity, becomes thinner and less hydrated. As a result, we notice that our chin begins to "hang".

Remember about skin care

The neck skin needs our attention badly, loves to be massaged and moisturized, along with the passing of time it also needs treatments that will allow it to maintain adequate hydration and maintain smoothness, firmness and elasticity. 

So if we want it to look beautiful, young as long as possible and not give in to the law of gravity, we should carefully clean it every day, removing impurities, dead skin and the remains of colored cosmetics from it, and moisturizing it properly. From time to time, it is worth applying a delicate firming peeling, while doing a stimulating massage to regenerate the skin. This will certainly reduce the risk of a second chin appearing.

And if the chin has already appeared?

The double chin, once it appears, unfortunately gets very attached to us and it is not so easy to get rid of it. We can try to fight him, including physical activity in our daily duties. We should also try to minimize the factors that promote the formation of a "second chin". Let's stop slouching, raise our head high up, forget about large fluffy cushions, protect the skin against UV rays and do not forget about its careful care. The double chin that has already appeared will probably not disappear completely, but maybe in this way we will be able to reduce it a bit.

Homemade ways

Anyone who wants to reduce the visibility of a double chin should start by changing their eating habits, enrich their diet with nutrients valuable for our body, give up fatty and heavy dishes, limit stimulants and remember about the regularity of meals consumed. You can also try out simple exercises that will strengthen your muscles and improve skin condition. Straighten up, stretch your head up firmly so that you feel your neck tighten and with gentle slow movements turn your head once left and right. Try to keep the neck tightly extended for 3-5 minutes, at the same time tightening its muscles and gently pushing the chin forward. Good results are also brought by the exercise in which the lips should be engaged, pull out the lower lip several times so that it covers the upper, or lower it so as to expose the gums. If you find time for such exercises and proper care every day, the condition of your skin will certainly improve, and the fight with a double chin will be easier and more effective.

Professional help

Unfortunately, it happens that even regular exercise, a well-composed diet and careful care do not bring results. Most often this happens when we are dealing with a "second chin", which appears due to our genetic predisposition, then it is very difficult to get rid of it at home. 

However, we can use the help of a specialist. At REVIVE CLINIC™, we offer our patients proprietary programs that help improve the condition of the skin, face oval and eliminate excessive amounts of fat from the chin area. If the changes in the appearance of your face are not very big, an effective treatment that will restore her features will be CRYO T SHOCK. During therapy, specialist freezing subcutaneous tissues and precisely tighten the skin. This is today one of the most modern non-invasive procedures, the effects of which can be compared to those obtained during treatments using a scalpel.

Also Myolift MD as a microcurrent face lift procedure can be used to stimulate muscle and lift the skin.

If the problem is more serious, chin liposuction may be necessary. 

Beloved, remember that each of us is different, not always a solution that brings good results to one person will be just as effective for another, so it is very important to contact your problem with someone who will advise you on a solution sewn on according to your needs.