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REVIVE IMMUNITY THERAPY boost your immune system, feel better faster, reduces oxidative stress, protects against free radicals, decrease cold and flu symptoms

Main Benefits

  • Reduces Oxidative Stress
  • Protects Against Free Radicals
  • Boosts Immune System

Best For

  • Fighting a Cold
  • Flu Season
  • Preventative Measures


  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Vitamin B1 & B3
  • Vitamin B2, B5 & B6
  • Zinc Chloride

Beat a Cold or Flu Faster with IV Hydration

When you want to recover from cold and flu symptoms quickly, you need an easy, fast-acting treatment. Sickness makes you feel somehow too hot and too cold at the same time. Your head feels like it’s stuffed full of cotton, and all you want to do is curl up with a bowl of soup, except that you have no appetite.
And you’re also dehydrated.
Hydration is extra important when you’re sick. Your body loses a lot of fluid through the symptoms of a cold or flu, and not eating and drinking properly means you are not replacing important water and nutrients. Your cells, which are mostly made of water, are spending all their energy trying to fight off the sickness, and they are running out of ammo
In the past, your options for getting over a cold or flu were limited to suffering through the symptoms and waiting it out, trying your luck with commercial cold & flu remedies, or going to a hospital or clinic where you may be exposed to even more illness.
Now, you can choose natural IV vitamin infusions specially formulated to reduce cold and flu symptoms while replenishing fluids and essential nutrients so your body can heal itself.

Vitamins & Supplements for Cold & Flu Relief

Concentrated formulation of powerful ingredients including Vitamin C, Zinc will help knock out colds and the flu fast.

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