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Hydrate before you hit the scene and you will thank us in the morning. The number one cause of hangover is dehydration. Pumping yourself with fluids in advance builds up your reserves so you can handle whatever the night throws at you with ease. With the added B-complex your body will be fully prepared to handle whatever you have planned for the night.
Fight with hungover after party

Party Prep Energy and Hangover Prevention

Overnighter, wedding, long weekend, festival. You’re heading out with family and friends for one reason: to party.  When the big night or event finally arrives, the last thing you want to do is head for bed early or, worse yet, end up with an after-party hangover. Next time, add some energy and hangover prevention before you party. And add Hydration IV Therapy after to fight with hungover

IV infusion with fluids and nutrients will keep you hydrated and energized, while reducing painful after-party hangover symptoms. With an IV drip hydration treatment in our relaxed spa setting, prepping for a big party or event or after party has never been easier. We’ll make sure you’re well-hydrated and have plenty of vitamins and electrolytes to help you keep the party going or be happy and energized next day.

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